A window on the hills - B & B




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Also in this bedroom you will find my love for details, always looking for armony between colours and essences.

Mirror and wall decorations by Bacc  www.baccexperience.it



The pomegranade bedroom is a special room where ancient furniture live together with modern art.

The headboard is a unique piece of Bac, a great italian artist.


This private bathroom with all comforts and a big window, welcome host in a warm ambient where art finds a special place.


Our bedroom “Tree of pleasant dreams” is a magic place where the clock stops to work and you could live a new dimension of colourfull dreams


Anna, the owner, designed every detail of each bedroom.

Colours of earth and sky meet the warmth of the wood, creating cool and cozy corners.

Intervento Finanziato dal Programma Operativo Regionale Veneto 2007-2013 - Parte FESR.

AZIONE 1.3.4Interventi innovativi di conservazione e valorizzazione del patrimonio naturale



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